Medium: Kinect, Maya, Unity 3D, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Adobe Audition (Collaboration Project)

Game Design

Gestris is a multiplayer human-computer interactive game that developed based on the traditional puzzle-solving game on the Game Boy in the 1980s. Instead of manipulating the tetrimions fall to the screen, players generate the shape of tetrimions to the other team by making different body postures through Kinect. The design of Gestris's system uses the movement detection of the skeleton joints to automatically transform the skeleton sketch to tetrimions and fall to the other team's screen.

*This game is designed for Building Virtual Worlds class at ETC, 2019.



As a multiplayer game, Gestris requires collaboration and competition of players.


Players are grouped into two and assigned to roles of Tetris player and Tetris generator within their group, in which the first one uses the X-Box controller to move and rotate the tetrimions that are falling and the second one generates the shape of tetrimions by making body postures that correspond to the instructions.


The player who makes different body postures generates the tetrimions to their enemy's group. In this way, he/she constrains the other team to react quickly and think constantly as they play the game. However, the player of generating Tetris is limited by the rule of not making the same posture in a row, which not only increases the difficulty of the game but also adds more uncertainty to the game from the aspect of competing with each other.

Way to Win:

Winner either goes to the team who has a higher score within the limited time (clearing a row receives points & generating the same shape of tetrimion deducts points) or to the team who does not hit the top of the frame if the other team does.

Sound Design

The OST of the action stage is carefully designed to fit the scene and to motivate the movements of people continuously while playing. According to the playtests, players feel like to dance actively along with the music.


The OST of the intro stage uses bright instruments such as an organ and a bell to fit a fairytale style of music. It is revised from the same melody of the action stage to help with the transition.


The sound effects in the game are designed to fit with the art style, where team 1 is a fruit and jelly style and team 2 is a Sci-Fi style (See the video of the game for detail).