Medium: Vive, Maya, Unity 3D, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Adobe Audition (Collaboration Project)

Game Design

Virtual Reality Game Presented through Vive

Hooked is a collaborative game design project which builds on the mechanism of the parabola. With more than 30 rounds of the playtest done by both inexperienced players and experienced players, the parameters of movement (Gravity, Velocity, Acceleration) are carefully adjusted to reduce the dizziness/motion sickness as much as possible. We aimed to present a fun VR journey for players without skills and without giving complicated instructions. We simulated the movement of hooking on an object and swinging in the air from space to space in the VR game.

As the game producer, sound designer, and 3D modeler, I focused on concept building, storytelling, playtesting, along with composing the BGMs, effects, environmental sounds, and assets/environment 3D modeling & texturing.

*This game is designed for Building Virtual Worlds class at ETC, 2019.


Concept & Feeling

Adventure in India

Hooked is designed based on the idea of needing no training and skills, allowing as much freedom as possible for the players. The player will experience the movement of swinging and flying in an Indian style concept. The story motivates the player to launch the journey of treasure hunting that is guided by Ganesh.

The level design of this game not only includes the major assets such as trees that you can hook onto and gates that indicate your progress in the game, but also details such as temples, sculptures, waterfall, and different kinds of treasure that emphasize the concept to allow interaction with the hook. For example, when a player hooks on the crystal on the land, the crystal will shatter.


Sound Design

In Hooked, the design of the sounds plays an important role in indirectly controlling the player and reinforcing the feeling of India. The OST was revised from the old version of Mystery Valley (our pitch for the interim game with no game style). It shared the same melody but composed of instruments and effects that close to the traditional music of India. The voiceover was recorded by an Indian Female with post-adjustment on reverb, speed, and pitch-shifted to send out the mysterious feeling.