Medium: Magic Leap, Maya, Unity 3D, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Adobe Audition (Collaboration Project)

Game Design

The Sneaker is an Augmented Reality game built with Unity and presented through Magic Leap. As a collaborative project, our team consists of two programmers, two artists, and one sound engineer. It is an innovative sneaking game as it's presented on a 3D map instead of on a plain level. The player needs to control the rotation of the 3D sphere to allow the robot to sneak to the destination to save their planet. During the journey of the robot, the player may need to trigger a mechanism to draw the enemies away.

*This game is designed for Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) class at ETC, 2019.


Main Focuses

During the game production, I mainly focused on the OST & sound effect design, level design, and game production. I also helped with 3D modeling, texturing, animation, and playtesting.


The Sneaker has two stages. During the intro stage, a cutscene of a round robot getting attacked by enemies helps to tell the story and setting of the game to our player. Then the player will experience escaping an intro level to learn the mechanism and enter the sphere level. In the action stage, the player will observe the rising of the planet and be able to control the rotation to guide the round robot. By using the controller pad, the player can command the robot to move in the desired direction. By using the trigger button, the player may attract the enemy to a specific location to help the robot pass by and reach the "reset" button of the planet.