Will You Call Me?

Medium: Arduino, C++, Telephone receivers

The high speed life style makes people be used to absorbing all kinds of information quickly and shallowly and then lasting an incomprehensive impression to people or the object they just viewed. A lot of people ignore the meaning of the object and purely focus its exterior. However, the value of an object lies in its meaning and the process of creation except for its appearance. By participating in this project, audience will be resonated by the recordings of phone call I collected from the real society that they may never pay attention to, and understand the importance of abandoning snap-judgement of others and respect each individual’s personal background.


Will You Call Me contains two crucial parts: Arduino that builds connection between commands of the mainboard and signal that being sent to the telephone receivers; real voice recordings of people’s calling with different identities. When audience pick up different telephone receivers, he or she will hear different pieces of voice recordings that being played randomly. By participating in this project, audience will be touched by the actual calling that they never pay attention to, and understand each person’s life will be various and different from what it looks like from the surface.


This project is inspired by an old residential building named An Hua which built in 1960s in Beijing, China. As a 9-floor building with elevator, An Hua became the fanciest living community for local residents at that time. It has never experienced any types of renovation in the past half century and still keeps its initial outlook and occupied. People from today do not consider it as a fancy community anymore but an old and messy place that contains elders with inimical and strange characteristics. However, as the history of An Hua that people do not know, it was the paragon community that actively enforced the policies and theories of communism. Residents in An Hua were used be in the higher social status of Chinese society and has spent their whole life in this place.

Different from what we simply see from An Hua, the history of the building and various life experiences of each resident compose its greatest value. I realize that people are used to absorbing shallow information from internet and social media, whereas they ignore the stories, facts, reasons, feelings behind the objects. An Hua inspired me to think deeply through people’s arbitrary and subjective opinion toward other people and things when influenced by social media. Thus, I designed Will You Call Me? to place my audience into a circumstance of only being able to absorbing information by hearing and abandons the uncertain impression that brought by their vision, and feeling the vicissitudes of life from God’s perspective.

Future Expectation

I intent to motivate people to begin to pay attention to the true value of an object, such as the producing procedure behind an artwork, the hard time a person was experienced, and a history of a structure or place. Will You Call Me? is a reflection of myself being used to relay on quick information from social media. I am willing to arouse people with similar situation to start slowing down their life speed and discovering the truth behind their arbitrary and subjective judgments to people and stuffs.