Aubrey Wu

User Experience Design(UED)

Alibaba Group - Taobao & Tmall

Focuses on interaction design and iteration for game products based on the business objectives within Taobao App. Optimizes gameplay, visual effects, and content display of game products based on the actual data, and achieved the growth of product DAU, return visits, and average length of staying

Game Production, UIUX, Level Design


ProtoChamp is an exergaming experience, which allows the players to be engaged in doing some daily exercise in the way of gaming during this lockdown period. In the world of this game, we include idle games and games that follow the HIIT pattern to promote real exercises with long-term consistency.

UIUX Design, 2D & 3D Art, Sound Design

Into Dah-Varsity

Team Impacteers partner with Toyzelectronics to develop a mobile based educational game to inspire African American students in the age group of 13-15 years old to think about S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) as potential future career paths.


UIUX Design, IOS/Android

Jaime Buys a Home

Interactive Journey Map with Mini Games and External Resources for Prospective Homebuyers

UIUX, 3D Modeling, Product innovation


Nextovers is a creative product with AR projector system combining with the flavor detector and the camera detector to help people to deal with leftovers in a easier and healthier way.

Game Production, UX, Level Design, Sound Design


Hooked is a Virtual Reality (VR) Game presented through Vive. It was built on a parabolic mechanism that relies on the design of gravity, velocity, acceleration, and vision range. It allows the player to experience a sense of flying on a journey of treasure hunting in India.

UIUX Design, MOBA Game, IOS/Android

Secret Force

Secret Force is an UIUX design project for Tencent Game Internship position from concept designing to wireframing. It is designed for mobile devices and it is an Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game.

UIUX, Storytelling, Level Design

The Baker Street

The Sky is a role-playing puzzle-solving game which requires the players to complete the tasks,  to unlock characters, and to promote the development of story.  The story happens in the middle age of Europe and each player will end with different result and different career in this game. 

Project Management, UX Design, Hardware/Software


IF is partnering with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to create an interactive and e-textile experience about fashion for middle school children. IF provides visitors the opportunity to play with wearable technologies that trigger communication between sounds and lights when they interact with each other or with the environment.

Game Production, UX Design,  Sound Design


The Sneaker is an Augmented Reality (AR) game presented through Magic Leap. It is a decision making game that is built on a science fiction 3D map of a sphere. The game allows the player to help the character to avoid being caught by its enemies and finally save its planet from God’s perspective.

Game Production, UX Design, Level Design, Sound Design


Onmyoji is a VR interactive storytelling game presented through Oculus. The story happens in a night market of the Japanese Firework Festival held by the YoKai (fairies) that existed in the Japanese stories. The player participates as the Onmyoji and interacts with YoKais to gain the skills. This game is selected to exhibit in 2019 ETC Festival in Pittsburgh, PA.

Storytelling, UX Design, Sound Design

The Miracle of Christmas

The Miracle of Christmas is an interactive storytelling presented through VR (Index). It is inspired by the story of Pilot Sully and the Chinese Film named The Captain (2019). It relies on the design of the audio clips and interactive mechanism to tell the story of a pilot saving the airplane from crashing.

Game Production, UX Design, Sound Design


Gestris is an innovation of the classic puzzle video game of Game Boy. It allows players to generate the forms of cubes for the other team with the detection of skeleton joints through Kinect. Gestris is a multiplayer game that provides a fun experience to both players and the audience.

UX Design, Industrial Design, Interaction Design

Magic Cube

Magic Cube is a interactive educational game presented through Arduino (Java). It is designed for children of 7+. It is a team-based project which combines knowledge and skills of industrial design, UIUX design, and animation.

UX Design, Location Based

UX Design Projects

Design ways of interaction and installation for projection mapping exhibit, DMX lighting exhibit, museum exhibit, multi-user cooperative experience, cross-platforms themed interfacing, and single user puzzle based experience.

UX Design, Sound Design

Will You Call Me?

Will You Call Me? is a interactive experience designed through Arduino (C++). It is a research project that is fully based on the study of stereotype emergence in human society. It was exhibited in Wuhan, China in 2019.

UX Design, Light Design, Sound Design, Animation

Dreaming Tree

Dreaming Tree is an interactive project presented through Arduino and Projection Mapping. It combines both video projection and physical connection to imitate outdoor experience in forest. It was exhibited in University Gallery, La Jolla, 2018.

UX Design, Industrial Design, Light Design

Data Mirror

Data Mirror is presented through Processing (Java). It is experimenting on the visualization of human being and stereotypes of races and identities through the machine. It is exhibited in ICAM Senior Exhibition 2019 in La Jolla.

About me

My name is Aubrey Wu, I'm a highly passionate UIUX designer, sound engineer, and project producer.

I focus on delivering detailed-constructed experience for users through theme entertainment design, multimedia storytelling, and sound effects production for games and location-based entertainment.

I work as a UIUX designer in Alibaba Group starting 2021/06 and have received a master degree of Entertainment Technology as an experience designer in Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center.